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25 Observations of Scotland from an American Tourist

Posted by on September 27, 2016 . .

Chris DeBaun is an American tourist who posted a list of funny observations from travelling in Scotland to the facebook page Scotland from the Roadside. We thought you might find them funny, so we've shared them below!

"1) Scotland embraces alternative energy – windmills everywhere. I wish we did the same. Shame on us.

2) The small, old distilleries are the best.

3) Americans should be friendlier; the Scots have us beat by a mile for openness, love, and general happiness.

4) There are no bathrooms in Scotland on the roads. I plan to start a page called "Peeing By the Roadside".

5) I saw exactly 2 police cars in Scotland (1,100 miles covered). One cop parked and texting on his cell phone near a roundabout in Glasgow, the other smoking a cigarette by his car in Glencoe. Nothing like the US.

6) There are no billboards in Scotland.

7) I never saw a jet contrail in Scotland, nor a small (personal) aircraft.

8) Driving in Scotland (especially down the side of Loch Lomond) is a terrifying death sport. Scotland could use some wider roads.

9) Everything is metric, except for cars and distances. It made my head hurt.

10) Its ridiculously windy. Everywhere.

11) It's ridiculously rainy. Everywhere.

12) It's hard to find places the tourists haven't been to. Our planet is shrinking.

13) Scotland has the best vistas I've ever seen.

14) Motorcycling in Scotland is a big deal.

15) I hate electrical outlets with a switch on them.

16) Shavers are allowed in bathrooms, but not hair dryers. Crazy.

17) The Scots invented almost everything that is cool.

18) Trash cans in Scottish hotel rooms are always the size of a coffee can (you can fit one Kleenex and an empty bag of crisps inside – and that's it. The foot pedal (to open the can) is usually dirty.

19) The grass is really green, and lush.

20) Americans fret about haggis. It's F'ng awesome.

21) I wish America had the "buy the next round of drinks rule". I did it for some lads about to climb Ben Nevis (Glencoe) the next day for charity, and it was one of the best memories from my trip. We are now friends!

22) If you are new to Glasgow on "Firm" days, stay clear of the pubs until the dust settles. Watch the colours you wear.

23) Saturday night in Glasgow is amazing, vibrant, and a bit crazy.

24) Good Cullen skink is almost better than whisky.

25) Everyone wants to see Edinburgh (we were a bit bored there), when Glasgow is the place to see!"

Tags: Scotland, Last update: September 27, 2016
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