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Buchanan Bespoke offers a highly-skilled Bespoke Footwear Service. We craft from an individually created footwear last based on a 3D Scan to gain your exact measurements. Bespoke Shoes are unique to your design and exact measurements. Being shoemakers since 1925 has given us a wealth of experience in the industry and you can trust our expert craftsmen to deliver premier quality. You can design your unique footwear from a range of exclusive leathers and luxury materials.

Plastic Last

Bespoke Price Guide

Handmade Shoes From £695
Bespoke Lasts (initial pair only) £250
Special Leathers eg. ostrich or snakeskin From £95
Semi-Bespoke Shoes From £495


Bespoke Shoe Fittings

Buchanan Bespoke will have special shoe fitting days to measure your exact size using our TechMed 3D Scanning Device. We then create a bespoke pair of shoes for your exact measurements. You will have the freedom to design your own pair of shoes by selecting from a large variety of exclusive Italian and English leathers.

How We Make Bespoke Footwear

The Bespoke Footwear we create goes through a rigorous process so that we can guarantee a rewarding experience. You simply tell us the style, colour and design of the footwear and select materials from our exclusive range of fine leathers, linings, and soling materials.

We then measure, assess and outline your feet which may include taking digital photographs and 3D scans. Our last-maker will create a wooden last or cast of the feet with these details. The last is extremely detailed so the process requires a significant portion of time and patience from the shoemaker. The toe shape and heel height is incorporated at this stage as well.

Our pattern cutter then designs the patterns for your chosen style and cuts the uppers from the leather. Our closer will then piece the leather and lining together to complete the upper which is stitched carefully for quality and comfort. The upper will then be fitted onto the lasts and left in place for several days to allow the leather to take shape.

At this stage, a temporary heel is put in place to allow the client to try the footwear to check if any small adjustments are required. Several fittings may be necessary before completion as we want to provide the absolute best possible fit. Once the fit has proven to be perfect we put the shoes back on the last and finish to your specifications.

Now you'll have high quality, hand made shoes in your own measurement by craftsmen who've refined their skill over many years.

Contact us to discuss your dream pair of shoes and how we can make them a reality. We can then arrange the most suitable time and date for fitting in either Glasgow, Edinburgh or London. It's also possible for us to measure several people at once in an area such as a workplace using our scanning equipment.

Free worldwide delivery for made to order shoes.

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